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CEO Interview - Anand Gurumurthy

In a virtual interview with Deepthi Rao, Anand Gurumurthy, Founder Director and CEO of Cosmitude Softwares Private Limited talks about his vision and accomplishment of establishing his own company.

Always an inquisitive person from childhood, he had a passion for Software games and the way it’s programmed. A 2004 pass out Electronics and Communication engineering graduate from Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bengaluru; Anand started his software journey with Siri Technologies where he did his final year project on a Location based system using GSR 179 API of J2ME which got great applauses from his mentors as GPS technology was still not easily available to Indian users back then and JSR 179 gave a way of determining users position in real time.

He held challenging positions in Caritor, Talisma, Siemens, and ABB; and worked on various programming languages such as C, C++ and C# in agile environment. These experiences gave him innumerable knowledge and learning to start his own company.

In 2014, Anand along with his wife Jeevarathna started Cosmitude Softwares Private Limited. They initially worked on building a system for hotel booking management projects and other projects outsourced to them. They built Indical too for screen prototyping of what would be the design base for Cosmitude Bridge code.

From 2016 to 2019, they built and released Cosmitude Bridge that can establish machine to machine custom communication. Cosmitude Bridge simplifies data collection, collaboration and reporting among multiple products. It engages Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Machine Learning features easily into existing products using automatically generated code. They are simple designs that deliver results in minutes. Cosmitude Bridge automatically gets you onto parallel computing environment using the power of Kubernetes. Also one can work on parallel systems and integrate them later on the run using this innovative new technology.

This system is purely built using open source technologies such as Mongo DB, Python, Angular, Android, iOS and is supported on multiple OS environments. Cosmitude Softwares Private Limited received $100,000 cloud usage funding from Google Cloud Platform in June 2020.

Cosmitude Softwares has a team of 6 dedicated engineers; Anand- CEO, Jeevarathna – Director, Engineering graduate in Information Science with16 years of experience; Mahaveer – Lead, engineering graduate in Electronics and Communication with 5 years of experience; Rajanikant – Lead, engineering graduate in Computer Science with 5 years of experience; Nandini – Engineer, engineering graduate in Computer Science with 5 years of experience; Anemish – Engineer, engineering graduate in Computer Science with 2 years of experience.

Their clients are CakeConfluence, Healthminds and Grama who have been extremely benefitted from this product. CakeConfluence and Grama mainly use Bridge to collect field data. They use the internal reporting tool of Bridge to generate CSV data and manually analyse same on a daily basis.

To illustrate, Healthminds Consulting is a healthcare company that provides customized solutions for many healthcare needs. They work on enormous stack of data and knowledge base and to retrieve a particular data query, they had to spend two months of 40 hours a week with 40 percent accuracy if done manually. But on integration with Cosmitude Bridge and a combination of ML and AI tools, it drastically came down to 10 minutes with 90% percent accuracy!

Anand says “I always wanted to reinvent the way software is written. I am a strong believer in technology being the facilitator for a better life for all human beings and Earth itself. I want to solve problems of common people and at the same time help Scientists, Engineers and innovators to work faster and concentrate on core problems and stop writing Software plumbing code: hence Cosmitude Bridge.”

Anand believes in punctuality, organized way of arranging things (inspired by his mother’s kitchen) and hence wants to bring a revolution in the way data is stored in databases and also in a way stop re writing code in software and start reusing designs that can give the same outputs by re modelling as per need in run time.

Data are best handled when kept encrypted in a non-relational way but in a smart way is something that he learnt in his house kitchen. As a youngster living in rented homes with his parents, they had to move places every few years based on his father’s posting or change of rented homes to suit family budget and needs. Every home they made, his mother had a very organized kitchen despite the kitchen size difference and availability of racks and despite the shifting the next meal was ready in the new home. All the kitchen items were non-relational but were kept and packed in such an organized way that everything was easily accessible and remained at the same sweet spot depending on the frequency of usage. This inspired Anand a lot as a young boy and during his engineering the Data related subjects which were on these lines mesmerised him.

Anand has also been an active member of the Technical space (Information Technology cell) of Bharatiya Janata Party, Karnataka. His journey started in 2007 with SMS campaigns. He is also part of speeches and lectures delivered to younger generation youth in technical space and also utilization of social media by party volunteers for propaganda at no cost. They assist party in data collaboration and management to better organize the data available within party for easy retrieval in times of need. He has also served the party as a political and technical media panellist in various TV Debates and shows in Kannada and English news channels. He is a strong believer of Integral humanism as the path to Anthyodaya.

What is your next venture or future plans for Cosmitude Bridge?

Anand says “I want to use Cosmitude Bridge to easily integrate systems that will help in the scientific space: especially ISRO, CERN, NASA and DRDO to analyse and work on their data in faster, cheaper and efficient ways. At the same time I would like to help organizations to collect data better and analyse the same in real time using the power of Big Data, IoT, ML and AI in parallel on any cloud using Cosmitude Bridge. Any census data collection can be managed in simple cost effective ways if the agencies would be interested in piloting using Cosmitude Bridge. Bridge is a system built to revolutionize the tech space. This product can be used in multi-dimensional ways. It’s a new concept and making it the heart of humanity is my life’s technical goal”!

Visit to know more about Cosmitude Bridge.

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